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 From us you begin hike to the Morskie Oko, Hala Gąsienicowa on Kopieniec Great, to Kuźnice and famous Orla Perc.

Trip to Kościeliska, time about 5-6 hours
Valley Kościeliska - the second largest valley in the Polish part of the Tatras, probably the most beautiful. During the tour we see the bottom as a wealth of rock formations, shaped by flowing water of Koscieliski Bach: fields, gates and caves.


Trip to the Valley Chochołowska time about 6-7 hours
The longest and largest valley in the Polish Tatra mountains, its popularity exceeds only the Koscieliska valley. Beautiful scenery of the valley was the background on the show "Janosik", also here a scene with sledge filmed for the movie "The Flood". Glade Chochołowska was also a popular place for walks John Paul II.


Trip to Morskie Oko, time 6 hours
The largest and most famous lake in the High Tatras. Beautiful scenery of the ice age was an inspiration for many artists. The sight of the reflective monk in gliding in the depths of the lake remain deep in the memory!


Trip to the valley Strążyska time 4 hours
Trip to the valley leading to the main peak of the Giewont. There are beautiful views from the Strazyska field and the valley can be seen in the city center on foot. There is a transition from the ski jump by the way pod Reglami. Go to the field Strazyska and the waterfall Siklawica. Back to Zakopane is just like the way there.


Trip to the hall Gąsienicowa, time 6 hours
Gąsienicowa Hall, a former pastoral area is today an ideal starting point for challenging tracks of the High Tatras (Orla Perc). If you arrive here has a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks. In the hall is a large and very popular hostel PTTK "Murowaniec".


Trip to Rusinowa Polana, about 4 hours.
The pastoral field is estimated valley by tourists, because of the beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains and the eastern part of the underlying Białki. It is not without significance for tourists, it is an opportunity to visit near the Sanctuary of Our Lady from the Wiktorówki. On the field, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was often - Pope John Paul II, the attraction of the clearing is also the possibility of fresh Oscypek (regional cheese) try the still acting hut.


Tour Zakopane - Gubalowka - about 3 hours.
Pedestrian walk in the winter capital of the Tatras allows to get to know a little bit, but how the rich history of the city. The attraction ending tour will enter funicular for a great vantage point of the Tatra Mountains - Gubalówka.


Apartamenty i Pokoje w Zakopanem - ul. Oberconiówka 25, Zakopane. - Zapraszamy! - Noclegi Zakopane - 2016
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